Audit Assistant Vacancy

If you are a accounting degree holder and are looking for audit assistant job in Kuala Lumpur, then we would like to welcome you to join our company.We are a fast growing audit firm  Currently, we are hiring audit assistant and are looking for suitable candidates to fill up this vacancy. If you were to apply this job, please note that working experience is NOT an prerequisite, hence, if you are a fresh graduate, then you will be able to apply this position. If you are interested to fill up this vacancy, click here to contact us.(We are still hiring, Updated:7 May 2015)

Audit assistant is also called auditor aide, he has the responsibility of ensuring that all of the company’s financial policies and procedures are effective, accurate and in accordance with industry practice and audit standards, this job is rewarding and also challenging at the same time.

Auditor aide works within the financial and accounting department, he is in charge of reviewing the company’s policies and financial report systems and checking whether they are in accordance with local and federal audit requirements standards. Every company accounting department and governmental agency requires auditor assistance.

Main responsibility of auditor assistance.

  • He provides support and significant help to senior professionals in reviewing internal corporation’s control and procedures.
  • He evaluates and analyzes accounting systems procedures this help in detecting corruption and any funds mismanagement in a company.
  • The auditor recommends and develops any change in accounting system control in order to enhance openness in this department.
  • He is responsible of checking the accuracy of payable ledgers and account receivable.
  • He test, study hardware and software systems of the company to ensure smooth learning of this equipment in developing and maintaining clients databases.
  • He creates and manages budgets, he balances sheets and other related financial statements, and he is responsible of ensuring national, federal and local auditing policies and regulations.
  • Auditor assistance evaluates and identifies policies in preparing tax report, he also establishes working relationships with company’s staff thus establishing a friendly working relationships.

Required skill that an auditor should possess.

  • Good communication and writing skills; this is of quite importance as it is needed in preparing final financial reports and presenting them orally if need be.
  • Auditor assistance should possess logical thinking and rational skill, logical thinking is an important skill as it helps one make a right decision when faced by a problem.
  • Strategic planning skills, everything in a company requires good planning for it to be successive, an auditor with good planning skill is helpful in making good plan for the success of the company.
  • Good in math, this is a requirement skill of each and every auditor, it is helpful in preparing final financials reports, calculating profit and loss in a company identifying corruption and find ways of curbing it.
  • Team work, each and every auditor assistance should possess team work working skills, these skill is important as it make every stuff motivated toward the success of the company.
  • Ability to work without close supervision, auditor assistance should be self-motivated toward business success and thus he should work without close supervision for the success of the business.
  • Flexibility and adaptability, due to the dynamic change of technology and business trend auditor assistance should be flexible and adaptable to these new changes as fast as possible to prevent the business from lagging behind.


One of the main challenge that an auditor assistance faces is working with corrupt officials, he or she should always be prepared facing those individuals, working odd hours is also a challenge that an auditor faces .

Preparing for audit assistance interview questions.

  • One must be well trained in this field it is important of one to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in either finance or business administration.
  • Smartly dressed, one should be dressed officially as this job call for smart dressing due to client’s interactions.
  • Gathering information from existing auditors about commonly asked question during an interview, and how to answer them.
  • Courage one should be confident and not panic during interview be confidence and ready to support your answer even if not sure.

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